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Time To Purchase Your 2012 Writer’s Market!

Wow. I am really impressed with the 2012 Writer’s Market. There are so many things that I like that I will just list them. Here goes:

I appreciate Robert Lee Brewer’s level tone throughout the book. And I quote, “While the changes [in the industry] can seem dizzying at times, I’m sure of one thing: There will always be a need for engaging and talented freelance writers.”

I think a level, realistic tone is becoming increasingly hard to come by, but you’ll find it at the heart of the entire 2012 Writer’s Market and especially in Robert’s article “The Uncertainly Brave New World.” (43-46)

Don’t miss Marc Acito’s feature on “Perfect Pitch: Pitches That Never Fail.” Not only do I just enjoy reading anything Marc Acito writes, I felt inspired to be a better pitcher after reading this helpful and lighthearted advice. (pp. 27-33)

I enjoyed the “Build A Platform: Or You’ll Miss The Train” feature by Jeff Yeager. Jeff is so funny and easy to relate to that every writer should really read this article to see how to get those qualities into what you write. He put lots of great storytelling techniques into his article and gave some good advice about platform building, as well. (153-161)

Make sure you catch Robert’s interview with Jane Friedman, “Social Media Master Shares Secrets To Success.” The lead is very clever and Jane offers up some great tips, as always. (pp. 188 – 194)

And you simply must read Robert’s interview with Chuck Sambuchino because…well, there is some big, fat news in there, if you have not heard it already. Really, really big news. Go, Chuck! (pp. 195-200)

I’ve already mentioned that I am featured in Kerrie Flanagan’s article on “The Art of Promoting.” Here’s a quote that reflects something I can’t say often enough, “Consistent and constant self-promotion are key to publishing success, regardless of whether you self-publish or traditionally publish…it’s not any one self-promotion technique an author uses, it’s using all of them.” (pp. 169-172)

And now for the scavenger hunt portion of this recommendation. See if you can find a teeny-weeny, computer chip sized photograph of me somewhere in your copy of Writer’s Market. Let me know in the comments if you can find it!

And happy writing for publication, writers!

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  • Cindi August 31, 2011, 1:55 pm

    Thanks for the reminder! I usually write this down in my calendar and missed it this year. I’m going to the bookstore (online) now….

  • Holli B - @hollicbuck September 20, 2011, 7:13 am

    I get the Writer’s Market each year and I am very impressed with the improvements in the 2012 edition. I ordered it as soon as I saw it was available and it’s an absolutely invaluable tool! Not only are the features and articles engaging, but the new format is easier on the eyes. Kudos to Writer’s Digest!

  • @thewritermama September 21, 2011, 6:46 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Holli. 🙂