Today Is The Launch Day For Permission Granted!

by @thewritermama on November 13, 2013

At 1:00 pm Pacific Time today I am launching my latest micro-pub, Permission Granted, 45 Reasons To Micro-publish.

I have been micro-publishing, teaching micro-publishing, and helping to mid-wife micro-pubs into the world with my long-time students for several years now.

The reason I chose to make permission the topic of my first book on micro-publishing is because it has been an issue I have struggled with mightily over the years.

As a three-time traditionally published author, it was not easy for me to allow myself to publish outside the traditional system the first time. Of course, this got easier over the years as book advances plummeted while more and more was expected from authors for less and less.

I think most of us already know that the traditional system is undergoing massive changes, but what concerns me is most aspiring authors don’t seem to understand how much the onus is on them to produce their own success, whether they work with the traditional system or not.

You cannot read Permission Granted without gaining a clear idea of what to expect from a traditional deal vs. micro-publishing your own work. You will also learn important publishing terms and find your micro-publishing concerns addressed whether you are an author already, an aspiring author, or even an aspiring writer.

The benefits of micro-publishing are numerous, so I had no problem coming up with 45 reasons. What’s critical is to understand that a micro-publishing evolution is already coming for publishers of all sizes, whether you get with the program or not. In order for each of us to make the most informed decisions, we need to be informed about the full array of choices that we have.

Micro-publishing is a great way to learn how to treat your writing like a business, how to be in charge of producing your own works, and how to take 100% responsibility for your writing career success — which is something that I have been teaching my entire career.

Anyone who is trying to sell you on the idea of landing a book deal and becoming the famous author you always dreamed of becoming, is doing you and your future readers a dis-service.

Readers should not have to wait for you to become a famous author to hear what you have to say. There are too many things that need to be said today and too many people who are perfectly capable of saying them.

I am not saying that everyone is ready to micro-publish tomorrow. But I am saying that more people are better prepared to micro-publish than they are ready to be discovered by traditional publishing.

I predict that one year from now, micro-publishing will be as common as having a website and the benefits of micro-publishing will be widely known from personal experience.

That’s win-win-win. And win-win-win is the way things ought to be.

Stay tuned! It won’t be long now.

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