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What’s Coming Up: May-December (I’m Planning Ahead & I Think You Know Why)

I’d like to thank the weather for being so crummy this spring, so that I could stay on task and not get lured outside prematurely. And now that summer is almost here, here’s what’s coming up!

The Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway

I am so happy that I revived this book giveaway (even if it is something of an administrative monstrosity). Nothing could be more worthwhile, for me, than celebrating hard-working author mamas. I have been so inspired by the stories of everyone who has participated. And the inspiration continues because May isn’t over yet. So I hope you will come by and join in, if you haven’t already.

What does it take to become an author mama? If you are an aspiring author mama, you might be interested in checking out my e-book on the topic, Author Mama, How I Became A Published Author & How You Can Too.

Stick around until the end of the giveaway on May 31st—there are nine drawings left!

• • •

PacNW Authors: Apply Now For Season Five of the Northwest Author Series

Eric M. Witchey did a great job wrapping up NAS season four to very full house last weekend. I want to thank Pat Duke, Malia Laughton, Burton Haun, Alyssa MacPartland, Jane Friedman, Andi Erickson, the Friends of the Wilsonville Public Library, Writer’s Digest, Wilsonville Starbucks, and Lamb’s Thriftway for all of their help and contributions to season four. I think everyone agrees that it was our best season yet. (Not that our prior seasons were too shabby.) If you are a Pacific Northwest Author with at least one recently published traditionally published book, then you qualify to apply for one of our eight available spots for season five. Full details on the application process are available here.

• • •

Register Now For Classes That Begin In August With Myself Or Abigail Green

This fall Abby and I are both updating and enriching our classes. My classes will be more comprehensive, more chock-full of resources, and will contain more examples from experienced writer mamas than they ever have before. Our classes already turn out tons of published writers, but my goal is to make sure that every writer who takes any of my classes has every possible resource I can provide to help her get published and all in one focused, structured, manageable six-week experience. I’m looking forward to launching my updated classes in August.

Register by August 16 for classes that begin August 24:

Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff

Pitching Practice: Write Six Queries In Six Weeks

Micro-publishing for Mom Writers

Personal Essays That Get Published

• • •

Fall Dream Teams For Former Students Begin August 1st

I have three levels of dream teams, and the next round launches in just a short few months! My Dream Teams are a context that creates “pod-pressure” — just the right amount of support, encouragement, and accountability to help you get from wherever you are now to where you’d like to be. Participants enjoy sharing resources and cheering each other on, while still staying on course with individual goals. If you are a mom who has worked with me in the past, you can sign up for a dream team and you will be placed in one of the following groups:

  1. Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff Article-writing Dream Team
  2. Advanced Article-writing /Beginning Platform-building Dream Team
  3. Advanced Article-writing & Advanced Platform-building Dream Team (Invitation Only)

Learn more here.

• • •

Mark Your Calendar For The Global Launch Party of The Writer’s Workout

The Writer’s Workout, 366 Tips, Tricks & Techniques From Your Writing Career Coach from Writer’s Digest Books is coming down the publishing track. Please mark your calendar for the all-day global publication party on Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

Need help growing and nurturing your writing career? How about tending your career over time in a world driven by distraction, stress, and superficiality?

The Writer’s Workout contains 366 ideas for expanding your craft, sales, self-promotion, and professional development process, without repeating all the same old advice.

If you think you will need a party reminder, please subscribe to my The Prosperous Writer e-zine or to my blog.

If you are a really big fan of my work, feel free to go ahead and pre-order your copy of The Writer’s Workout now.

You can now pre-order The Writer’s Workout on Amazon at a deeper-than-usual discount. To grease the pre-order wheels, I will enter the first 50 writers who pre-order the book via Amazon into a drawing for a free one-hour phone coaching consultation in December 2011 (either before or after you read the book, your choice).

I will select three winners from those who turn in their receipts. You can start turning in your receipts by e-mail to “katz christina at comcast dot net” — I will hold onto them until  the December drawing.

Thanks for being among the first to order The Writer’s Workout!

Happy spring into summer (finally)!

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