Work Hard & Then Enjoy The Day

by @thewritermama on August 8, 2015

I work pretty hard most of the time.

But it’s not really “work” the way most people think of it, since I love empowering writers to learn new skills.

Even so, it’s important when the weekend rolls around, or even when it doesn’t, to kick back and just enjoy the day. Especially with only a few weekends of summer remaining.

So this is your reminder, writers, to enjoy the day.

What can you do to enjoy a lazy day even more?

So many things!

Attend an outdoor concert

Take a short, beautiful hike

Visit a food cart

Find the best ice cream stand within 30 miles

Visit a state park or recreation center

Go on an afternoon picnic

Check out a cultural garden

Go to a flea market

Browse an art museum

Drive to a quaint town and wander the streets

Take a tour of some kind

Go to a street fair (that’s what we’re doing today)

Take your dogs someplace they can run

Go to a farmer’s market

Find a beach or river bank

Eat on the patio at a restaurant

BBQ in the backyard then play croquet

Shop at a farm store

 Enjoy the day. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the day.

Summer will only be a memory before you know it.

See you on Monday.

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