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Writing Joy = Discover Your Own Worth & Work It

My students don’t wait to be discovered.

They don’t write for ego gratification.

Their self-esteem boost doesn’t come via other people. It comes from taking pride in doing consistent good work.

My students do their own work.

They don’t piggyback their work on anyone else and call it theirs.

They build writing careers one polished piece at a time.

It takes time to build a career this way. Talent is not a factor. Effort and determination are the greatest indicators of success.

The time goes by fast when you are happily engaged. It’s more fun to work hard if you are part of a team of fellow writers who are also working hard.

Writers I work with gain confidence by doing, by learning, by growing, by trusting, by overcoming setbacks, by working smarter, and by succeeding over time.

It sounds so simple. But few writers are up for this kind of straightforward approach.

Writers are complex people. I should know. I am one.

A lot of writers get into writing for the ego.

Others get in it for the supposed glory.

Some writers seem to be trying to write their way to redemption.

Meanwhile, there are those of us who simply write to serve. We serve others. We serve readers. And in serving readers, we also serve ourselves.

Maybe that is redemption. Maybe redemption comes from putting the ego aside and from putting pursuit of glory aside. Maybe it comes from just trying to be of service. From writing your way towards a contribution well made.

Maybe it’s not for everybody. But it certainly works for anybody.

And it sure beats being creatively blocked.

If you want to say something, you have to start by finding something to say.

You have to learn how to take the raw material of your ideas and polish it into finished forms.

You have to learn how to make the most of your individual strengths.

You have to learn how to sell your words and promote yourself.

You have to learn how to maintain your career success and keep building on it.

And each of these steps is really gratifying.

Sure beats not making progress!

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