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Actor Adrian Grenier Is Raising Consciousness About Living In Harmony With Earth

I am not sure which algorithm landed me on the stream of video content being produced by actor, producer, director and musician Adrian Grenier, but –wow — I am sure glad I clicked my way over to his YouTube Channel, “Earth Speed By Adrian Grenier.”

From the YouTube page: Earth Speed is a series about Adrian Grenier’s quest to evolve our relationship to value, and how wiser investments of time and money can make a real impact on our planet. On this verité-style documentary series, we will follow Adrian Grenier as he searches for partners, companies and entrepreneurs who can change the world for the better. Created by Adrian Grenier Powered by DuContra Ventures

As an earth-lover, flower gardener and sustainability nerd, I often watch educational content related to living in harmony with the planet we stand on. I am honestly not even that familiar with Grenier’s former professional body of work, although I must have seen him in The Devil Wears Prada. Needless to say, I am a fan now.

Anne Hathaway and Adrian Genier in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

More and more I am becoming interested in sharing resources that break down big sustainability concepts in to do-able steps for the average person, and that’s what Adrian Grenier is doing with this project. This series contains great storytelling, poignant revelations and excellent education and motivation. Also check out other series on his channel. I have not even watched them all yet but the one I watched is excellent.

If you haven’t watched yet, head on over to his YouTube Channel and watch and share his Earth Speed docu-series. He’s just getting started and I’m excited to see what he will produce next!

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