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Overwhelm A Trickle Of Hate With A Tidal Wave Of Love: Get Behind Parade On Broadway

Today the topic is how to deal with the trickle of hate in the world. I don’t believe that there is much hate in the world. I believe that there is a little bit of hate, a lot of manipulation by greed and power trying to leverage that trickle of hate for their own purposes, and a tidal wave of love in each of us, just waiting to be released.

Yup, I believe that each of us contains a huge gush of love just waiting to pour through and all we have to do is point and shoot. If only folks could point and shoot love instead of everything else that gets pointed and shot. What would happen to the world if they did? Let’s try and find out by putting our love behind good things and let the rest dry up like a puddle in the sun.

For example, Parade opened on Broadway last night and it was met with a trickle of hate. Thanks to the cowardly forces of manipulation, you might think we should be afraid of shows like Parade and stay away from places like Broadway because there is so much danger there.

Poppycock. Good luck to the folks showing up in a state of hate trying to live in a world that is full of love. It’s not going to be easy for them to maintain that hate and we’re not going to make it easy on them by letting them polarize this wonderful work of art.

This is where you come in. Show your love for Parade on Broadway. Get behind it. Share about it. Send the team your love. Buy tickets. Tell your friends in NYC to go. Here is what Parade is about:

Leo and Lucille Frank are a newlywed Jewish couple struggling to make a life in the old red hills of Georgia. When Leo is accused of an unspeakable crime, it propels them into an unimaginable test of faith, humanity, justice and devotion. Riveting and gloriously hopeful, PARADE reminds us that to love, we must truly see one another.

We need beautiful stories because they help us feel things. And you know what is hard to do when you feel things? It’s hard to hate when you feel things. So let’s keep feeling things and let’s keep supporting art in the world that helps us feel things.

What can you do? You can feel your love. Feel your love for art. Feel your love for Broadway shows. Feel your love for these performers. Feel your love for the whole team. Feel your love for musical theatre in general. Feel your love for New York City. Feel your love for diversity and tolerance and a world that is safe and supportive for all.

Feel your love. Feel your love. Feel your love. And only after you feel your love, take action. No more rants. No more trying to show how smart you are. No more fighting. Get into a space of feeling love and then get behind something good. When we get behind the good stuff instead of fighting the crummy stuff, the trajectory of the world is nudged towards a more loving future.

We believe we have to pin hate to the floor and fight it into submission. We don’t. Fighting hate just makes hate bigger, stronger and more troublesome. Tune out hate and tune in love. And then do something with your love that makes the world a better place for all of us.

Use your love and change the world for good. You can do it. I know you can. This is not over yet. Listen to the song in the above video. It’s called, “This Is Not Over Yet.”

Deep breath. Let go of hate. Admit how powerless you are over it. Let it get smaller. Watch it fade into the background. Open up your heart-gates. Rev up the heart-light. Then pour out the love. Let it flow. Let it rip. Flood the world with it. Then onward towards a more loving world. We can do it.

For more information about Parade on Broadway starring Ben Platt and Micaela Diamond, please visit: https://paradebroadway.com/.

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