Calling All Mom Writers! May 2012 is The Writer Mama Every Day In May Book Giveaway

by @thewritermama on March 15, 2012 · 1 comment

Writer Mama, How To Raise A Writing Career Alongside Your Kids was published five years ago today!

My daughter, Samantha, turned five on this day five years ago. Which means that she is ten years old today, if you can believe that.

So this post serves three purposes:

1) It commemorates five years since publication of Writer Mama

2) It celebrates my daughter’s tenth birthday

3) It’s also a call for suggestions for participants in the upcoming Writer Mama Every Day In May Book Giveaway!

Do you know a worthy mom writer who has a traditionally published book out since the last Writer Mama Every Day In May Book Giveaway in May 2011?

You do? Great!

I’d love to invite her to participate in my annual 30-day giveaway of books by author mamas.

We have a lot of recent publications to celebrate, mamas! Who would like to participate?

You can either suggest yourself or another traditionally published author.

I am sure some of you are wondering if I will be including ebook authors this year. We WILL have one weekend of the giveaway dedicated to showcasing outstanding new ebooks. And I will have one day dedicated to showcasing outstanding new anthologies. Both from the past year only, please.

But first things first. Before I take ebook and anthology suggestions, I need to line up my traditionally published authors.

So who would you like to see featured this year?

If you know of any authors or books that you would like to see participate in the giveaway, please email me at “christina at christina katz dot com” with WM Book Giveaway in the subject line.

I’m going to close the comments because I like the participants to be a carefully guarded surprise until we unveil the line-up in early April.

Thanks for your helpful suggestions! I hope you will subscribe to this blog and my newsletter now, so you won’t miss even a single giveaway book.

We’re going to have fun, fun, fun all throughout the month of May. Let’s just call it Mother’s Day Month!

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