Day 10 Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway: Jen Hallissy

by @thewritermama on May 10, 2011 · 32 comments

Jen Hallissy is a former student of mine who went and got herself a book deal. Already an expert, Jen saw a need on the shelves and filled it with her words and professional insights. The result is The Write Start from Trumpeter Books. Please help me welcome, Jen!

Jennifer Hallissy is a mom and a pediatric occupational therapist who has a happy preoccupation with the art and science of child development. She holds a master’s degree in occupational therapy and a bachelor’s degree in English from New York University. A champion of childhood, Jennifer shares her enthusiasm for the big ideas of little people in national parenting magazines and on her blog, She lives in Port Washington, New York with her husband and two little writers-in-residence.

How do you raise children who love to write?

Jennifer Hallissy believes that if you give children a solid foundation of writing basics, they will develop a love of writing that lasts a lifetime. From teaching your child how to hold a pencil and form the letters of the alphabet, to creating writing spaces and meaningful writing rituals at home, The Write Start gives you all of the information and inspiration you need to raise a confident writer. With fifty-two playful activities for all ages and stages, this book is a treasure trove of irresistible ideas that will help you introduce your child to the wonderful world of writing, now, and for years to come.

1.  How has writing impacted your self-confidence?

Writing is a wonderful exercise in finding your own voice. This is something that not only improves your work, but all aspects of your life. There is no better confidence boost than learning to be yourself.

2.   What are three words that describe your creative book-writing process?

“Windows of opportunity.” Writing can fit into tiny little gaps of time throughout your day, and can be done in the unlikeliest of places. Add up all of those little bits and pieces and you can actually write a book. I’m living proof.

3.   What good has your book created in the world?

The Write Start empowers parents to take an active role in supporting young writers, from their first scribbles onward. It reminds them that every child has a story to tell, and that story begins at home.

• • •

Tell us about your write start. What are some of your earliest memories of putting thoughts on paper? What was the experience like for you then? Has your experience of writing changed or is it still the same as it was?

Answer in the comments in 50-200 words (no less and no more to qualify to win one of today’s books). Please read the complete rules at least once!

Thanks for participating in the Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway! Please bring a couple friends next time you come. :)

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