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Mom Writer Success

Judy M. Miller and me in Chicago 2012

Resources for mom writers from Christina Katz, author of Writer Mama, How To Raise A Writing Career Alongside Your Kids.

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I can help you become a more successful and prosperous writer!

I have been a champion of mom writers who aspire to become professionals since 2001. I started working with mom writers in the classroom at Whatcom Community College, and I have been working with mom writers ever since.

In 2005, I started writing Writer Mama, How To Raise A Writing Career Alongside Your Kids. Since then, I have personally trained hundreds of mom writers, many of whom are the most successful and prosperous writers in their niche.

In the meantime, I have written a total of three traditionally published books for Writer’s Digest, and self-published several e-books and e-workbooks, which are helpful for mom writers.

From Beginner To Book Deal

Me and Christa Hines in 2012

I teach and train mom writers from beginner to book deal via video courses (coming soon) that teach mom writers the skills they need to succeed with excellence in a professional writing career.

So if you want to write for publication, learn skills so you can successfully get published and self-publish, and find out what it takes to have a lasting, professional career in writing and publishing, you have come to the right place.

Here are resources I have created that are helpful for mom writers:

The Art Of Short Article Writing For Nonfiction Writers Learn More

Become An Article Idea Factory & Prosper Professionally Learn More

Writer Mama, How To Raise A Writing Career Alongside Your Kids (Writer’s Digest Books) Learn More

Write For Regional Parenting Publications For Fun & Profit (e-book) Learn More

The Habits Of Successful Mom Writers Audio Download (37-minute pep talk) Learn More

I am committed to teaching mom writers the skills they need to succeed. I love working with dedicated mom writers. If you would like to learn from a teacher who has trained hundreds of hard-working, professionally minded, prosperous mom writers, I hope to work with you!


What people say about working with me.

I am a veteran journalist, author and coach with over a decade and a half of experience and a wealth of techniques to share. I am focused on making the world a saner, more expressive place. I help folks become more creative for personal enjoyment, professional development and transformational growth. Whether you are a professional creative or hope to become one some day, I can help you embrace your personal strengths, explore your creative possibilities, and evolve incrementally into your most inspiring self. If you are ready to achieve creative consistency in your life and career, email me about monthly coaching calls. To learn more about increasing your creative confidence, please check out my online school. Stay tuned for ways to save money by becoming a Beta User for my next new course by subscribing to The Prosperous Creative. And don’t forget to get these blog posts delivered to your inbox, so you never miss a post. If you appreciate my work—school, products, blog and social media posts—you are welcome to make a contribution of any size at any time. Thank you for your support!