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Super Cool For Back To School: Online Inspiration

A Big Enough Backpack

I am hunting for a larger backpack for my daughter to use for school. When it’s too small, she just crams everything in until the zippers break. So, here’s what I found: the JanSport Big Student Backpack. LINK Perfect, if your child is in high school or middle school. I don’t recommend the smaller sized JanSport Superbreak Backpack for older kids. LINK But it might be fine if your child is in elementary school, possibly middle school.

A Kick-ass Planner

I am not really a planner worshipper, but I have to admit that my daughter’s planner for the 2018-2019 school year is pretty darn cool. Also neato: it comes in pearlescent. If you are planner-happy, check out these styles from Ban.do. LINK

Picture This Clothing

Have you heard of Picture This Clothing? Print out one of their dress or t-shirt patterns, have your child color it, send it back in and they will send you a piece of clothing uniquely designed by your child. How cool would it be to wear one of these outfits on the first day of school? LINK

Time To Make Stock

I love to make chicken and turkey stock for soups in the fall, and I’ll keep making them until next summer! But I don’t love what my local store charges me for cheesecloth, so I’ve found a better price on Amazon. Next stop: the first homemade soup of the season! LINK

“God Is A Woman” by Arianna Grande from Sweetner

I am craving provocative messages that aim to smash the patriarchy without taking any particular humans out at the same time. That’s why I am loving Grande’s “God Is A Woman” song from her latest album Sweetner. There may be other songs on the album, but I can’t hear them because I am too busy playing this one over and over. Need hope in tough times? You can download this song for free. LINK

Anne With An E

Sometimes back-to-school transitions can be tricky for families and that’s when a really good TV series can become a welcome opportunity to collapse on the couch together and just chill the heck out. I love that we are living in an age of expanding opportunities for female actors. Anne With An E, especially season 2, will either keep you in suspense or make you laugh/cry with delight. “Isn’t the world a remarkable place?” Anne With An E will remind you that it is indeed. LINK

~ Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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