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Flower Magic: Amazing Medicine That Humanity Needs Now

I pledge allegiance to the flowers and the bees and the planet. I promise to grow as many flowers as I can possibly grow to help make a positive impact on the ecological balance in my community and in the world. I am excited to become a more active flower farmer in order to live and work in a win-win-win way with all living beings. I know when I am immersed in planting and nurturing flowers, I am on the best path for me.

As you likely already know, I am madly in love with flowers. I love everything about flowers, and I savor the whole process of working with them from start to finish. Another epiphany I had recently is that there is no one right way to work with flowers. I can approach them any way I want, and how others are working with flowers is only relevant to me if an approach engages me.

Maybe flowers don’t really interest you. I totally understand because I have not always been as obsessed with them as I am right now. I know I am not at all alone. There are gobs and gobs of flower fans across the globe, and many of them are just as passionate about flowers as I am. I think what I am really interested in these days is Flower Magic. Flowers have a transformational power that can enrich our lives in so many ways.

What do flowers mean to me? They mean pure power, color healing, high vibes, heavenly smells, and an opportunity to play with beauty. I think flowers are more powerful than we may have thought. I believe that a lot of plant wisdom has been oppressed by patriarchy. I believe that the expression, ‘stop and smell the flowers’ does not go far enough. Don’t just stop and smell the flowers. Plant the flowers, grow them, interact with them, get your hands dirty, kneel on the earth and let flower-growing be your prayer.

That’s just a little glimpse into how I feel about flowers. For those of you who are similarly transfixed, keep reading! For those of you who are not, feel free to unfollow this blog. The topics going forward will be mostly about earth-centric healing from now on. No hard feelings, if you decide to go. And if you are staying, you are welcome to follow my new Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/BlissCraftLife/.

Let’s talk flower news!

I am currently taking Floret Farms mini-course on planting and processing fall flowers. I am loving it! This is my first year planting bulbs and hardy annuals for spring bouquets, so I appreciate all of Erin Benzakein’s tips. In case you do not already know about Erin and Floret Flower Farm, you may want to check out all of their resources (her whole family is involved in the business because they live on their farm). Whether you are ordering bulbs and seeds, looking for flower-growing tips, ordering their books, or even wanting to become a professional farmer, Floret’s website is like hitting the motherlode! https://www.floretflowers.com/

I love Erin’s first book, Cut Flower Garden, and that is the stage I am in right now. I love growing and arranging flowers from seed (and soon from bulbs). If you love flowers and you have not ordered this book, why not ask for it as a gift? It’s a treasure. You can thank me later.

I am so excited that Erin’s second book is coming out in February 2020, A Year In Flowers, Designing Gorgeous Arrangements For Every Season. Does this sound like a book I will like? Oh my gosh, yes. I could not be more excited to read it and gaze at the gorgeous photography throughout. How can I possibly wait until February to get it? I don’t think I can wait that long. I need Superman to fly around the globe and make the world spin faster.

Or wait…actually, better not. The world is spinning fast enough already, which is another reason I love growing and arranging flowers. It makes everything, including me, settle down so I can more fully enjoy the moment.

If you want to order flower seeds and bulbs from Floret, you have to sign up for Erin’s newsletter because her products sell out quickly once they are released. You can sign up for her newsletter on just about every page of her website — just go here to input your email: https://www.floretflowers.com/.

Are you passionate about flower growing and interested in creating your a flower cutting garden of your own? If so, let’s keep in touch. I can’t wait to create more posts on this topic. Playing with flowers feels as natural to me as breathing. Let’s play with flowers together!

Until next time…I will be outside preparing my beds for winter. Sunshine is in the forecast for the next week, which sounds helpful.

Get down in the dirt in your own yard. I will meet you there in mine. This is how we make the world a more flowered place.

More from Erin Benzakein. Her products are high quality and make great gifts!


My blog posts contain links that allow me to get a small fee for making recommendations. Even so, I only share products I absolutely love. Please see my Disclosure page for more information. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it!


Today is the autumn equinox and it’s a transition that does not merely exist on the calendar but also within our hearts and in the world.

I love fall, but it is a little hard for me to say goodbye to summer this year since I enjoyed it so much thanks to cultivating my first flower-cutting garden.

Here are a few things I am doing for the equinox — inspired by nature, nurture and nesting — to get into the sweater-weather swing:

Chopping down my sunflower bed. I did this yesterday. I cut down all of my sunflower stalks and used them for mulch on top of the bed in preparation for next year’s bed. I will continue adding organic matter to the bed over the next month or so and then top it off with cardboard, newspaper and brown paper so it can restore the soil without chemicals. Do you have things to chop down, dispose of or eliminate? Now is the time.

Setting intentions. Pull out a journal or a piece of paper and a writing implement. Without overthinking, jot down your top goals for the next three months. Aim for ten, but however many is good enough. You can either keep this list or let it go by burning it or tearing it up and flushing it. I will keep my list in my journal. Here is the pad I use for my written journal. I like that the back is stiff so I can write anywhere and I like to flip my pages over the top of the pad rather than flipping pages to the side. Do you have a journal on hand? Choose the one that works for you.

Listening to George Winston’s Autumn. I never listen to George Winston’s music out of season, so it always feels like fall when I turn this album on. Check Spotify or whatever music app you use to sample it or check out the album here.

Putting away summer items. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, this does not apply to clothing just yet. But there are plenty of items around the house I can switch out to put away summer and prepare for fall: kitchen linens, hand soaps, room sprays, candles and decor. It’s time to put the sunscreen away and get out the umbrellas!

Enjoying seasonal foods and drinks. Apple cider. Oregon Chai tea. Pumpkin Spice Latte. You can even make your own! Giant apples. Apple crisp. Pomegranates. Persimmons. Grapes. Figs. Casseroles. Soups. Stews. Squash. Curries. Pumpkin-flavored everything — like Burgerville’s Pumpkin Shake (in October) and whatever Salt & Straw has going. Pie!

Planting hardy annuals. The easiest way to create a spring flower-cutting garden is to plant hardy annual flowers now. I like to use seeds from Botanical Interests but you can use whatever seed supplier you like. Here’s what I’m planting: Bachelor Buttons, Columbine, Cosmos, Calendula, Hollyhocks, Larkspur, Lupine, Milkweed, Poppies, Rudbeckia, Violas / Pansies. This is also a good time to plant perennials that will strut their stuff next year. Plant this collection of seeds if you want to give a spring cutting garden a whirl for a low investment. Use a garden bed you already have or create a new bed just for cutting flowers. Check out this Cool Flowers book on planting hardy annuals, if you want to learn more.

These Chinese Lantern Garlands are on sale in my Etsy shop while supplies last!

Decorating indoors and out. I love to create seasonal displays on the hutch that is facing our front door. Chinese Lanterns are usually the star of my indoor fall decor (and you can find them in my Etsy shop). I also hang baskets of gourds on the porch and purchase inexpensive pumpkins at Al’s Garden Center.

Noticing change. Sometimes the best way to celebrate a shift in seasons is simply to notice the sensory changes as they happen. Mornings are cooler. Days are more wet. Evenings are spookier. It’s all part of the process. When we remember that nature is a cycle, it reminds us that we are part of the greater whole, as well.

We are nature. Take a moment to pause, notice the changes, and let the moment center you.

See ya, summer. I love fall.

Let’s celebrate!

Christina Katz is evolving and wants to inspire you to evolve, too. Check out her Etsy shop and Instagram feed while you are here.


Okay, first things first: I am not a vet and this post is not medical advice. I believe the Western medical community should pay more attention to natural healing modalities, and until they do, I try to pay more attention to them and share what I learn.

I am a pet owner, who paid a large vet bill when I brought my cat in to the emergency vet for a urinary tract infection a year or so ago. Afterwards, I became motivated to find alternative ways to help my cat heal.

A couple things became clear as soon as I started my research online: there is a lot of mystery surrounding feline urinary tract infections and UTIs can quickly lead to SERIOUS health ramifications in cats. So, please do not mess around if you think your cat has a urinary tract issue. If the problem has progressed to a point where your cat is in pain, please take your pet to the vet as swiftly as possible.

If your cat is not in dire straights yet, then maybe some of these tips will be helpful. You can make these changes all at once or gradually over time. Obviously sooner is better than later if your kitty is having trouble, but please use your best judgment.

Here are all the steps I took for my young cat who developed a urinary tract infection:

  • I started feeding her a can of wet cat food a day. I mix half a can of food with 2-3 tablespoons of water and feed that to her twice a day. I alternate between a couple kinds of food so she does not get too bored. Check out the cat food at Trader Joe’s for excellent prices. My cat will only eat the paté variety and is a bit picky about flavors, so don’t be surprised if your cat is also finicky. Bottom line: a lot of cats won’t drink water on their own, even if you provide a water fountain. By putting water in their food, you take the guesswork out of whether or not they are hydrating. Of course, I still always have plenty of fresh water available by bowl.
  • I also add two supplements to my cat’s wet food, also twice a day. I use both items as directed on their labels.

Tinkle Tonic:

Natura Petz Organics Break It Up! Meal Topper


If you have a dog, you can get this supplement in pill form, as well.

  • Back to the list…although I continue to feed my cat dry food in addition to wet food, I changed food brands. I now feed my cat Wysong Uretic(TM). I order this food online since I cannot find it locally and one small bag lasts a long time since my cat primarily eats wet food with water and supplements added.
  • I separated my cat from her two siblings (I noticed her brother, who is much larger, was stalking her when she was in the littler box — what a naughty boy!). So I put her in her own room, got her a litter box just for her, and switched her to a less dusty cat litter.

All of these changes may seem like a bit of bother, but if your cat has started peeing where she is not supposed to and she is only three years old (not to mention the cutest cat in the whole wide world), there’s a pretty good chance, like me, you will be motivated to do whatever it takes to correct any urinary issues.

Of course, I cannot guarantee that taking these steps will cure your sweet kitty. But I wish I had read a post like this when I was desperately scouring the Internet trying to put together a formula that would bring my cat relief and save our furniture.

If you have stumbled on this post and you are desperate for solutions, I hope any or all of these tips help you and your pet feel better as soon as possible. Best of luck!


I am currently taking celery juice for multiple health benefits, and it has been recommended by Anthony William for fibroids. Has anyone else considered this option? I’d like to hear from you. (More on my experience with celery juice in a future post.)

[This blog does not contain medical advice. I am not a physician, I am a journalist and blogger who is interested in expanding the conversation about this and other topics. If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor. I also encourage you to seek more medical opinions if you are not satisfied with the original physician’s opinion.]

I am feeling dissatisfied with the American medical profession’s attitude towards fibroid tumors in women and that is why I am starting this post.

About 20-80 percent of women deal with fibroid tumors by the age of 50 (source). What the heck! These numbers are way too high.

I feel that there is a negligence going on, and the root causes of this epidemic are not being adequately explored. Without understanding the causes, prevention and avoidance are difficult, if not impossible.

I thought by opening up a conversation that is more global in nature, perhaps we could understand alternative ways to manage and avoid a fibroid diagnosis.

Don’t we want to help our daughters avoid fibroids in their futures? We assume that progress will happen in the medical community, and yet, too often progress in women’s health issues is not prioritized.

I have come close to death twice because of fibroid tumors, and I continue to wish to keep my uterus. I have no problem with others who have undergone fibroid surgery. For some women, there are no alternatives. Yes, fibroid are a sensitive topic and the topic can bring up challenging emotions, but we have to talk about them anyway. Regardless of the outcomes of medical diagnoses, we can still explore this topic and try to suss out solutions for women in the future.

I have written about issues related to fibroid tumors before. Please visit the following posts for more information. I am proud to say that a woman wrote to me and said the information I shared was instrumental in surviving surgery. I am humbled by such feedback, and I have a keen desire to share information that helps women thrive despite challenging circumstances.

Have you asked your doctor about taking Lupron? Why not bring it up with your doctor and see if you qualify. This is not an endorsement of Lupron. It’s just that some doctors may not bring it up as an option, and patients deserve to know what their options are. Learn more about Lupron here.

Best Supplements For Mid-life Women Dealing With Anemia, Menopause & Osteopenia

Anemia Is No Fun: Here Is How I Have Bounced Back From It

Our Medical System Is Out Of Balance: Medical Medium Balances The Health Scale With Equal Access For All

Do you have insights into causes or treatments for fibroid tumors? If so, please comment below. Your comments may be woven into the fabric of this post in the future. If you would like your comments to be anonymous, please submit them to me via my contact page. Thank you for your participation!


We are living in a world where narcissists are coming out of the woodwork. Certainly the White House seems to be occupied by one.

And what about the victims of narcissists — their spouses and their children? Victim wounds are usually deep, painful and crippling. However in our society we prefer not to acknowledge any affliction that cannot be proven in a laboratory or a court of law.

And this is why I believe every parent — from the brand new parents all the way to the seasoned grandparent — needs to read Toxic Parents, Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy And Reclaiming Your Life by Susan Forward.

Maybe you were affected by a toxic parent. Maybe you do not believe you were. Certainly you do not want to be or become one.

I am not referring to blatant abuse that happens in the public eye. I am talking about hidden, secret, unconscious abuse that takes place in families where narcissism and other disorders are untreated and running rampant.

And let’s say your parents were not toxic and you are not toxic. It’s crucial to not dismiss or minimize the real-life trauma that others have experienced and are experiencing. You can also be a healthy adult with good boundaries in an abused kids’ life. People like this can make a huge difference to a child who does not even know how traumatized he is.

Personally, I believe that President Trump is in the White House to give the world a crash course in narcissism. We all need to raise our awareness about what narcissistic abuse is and isn’t. And then we need to examine our own families and family histories. Because kids are traumatized each and every day by narcissistic parents, who are never, ever going to seek help themselves. What are we going to do about it?

We can at least educate ourselves. Even if we cannot change narcissists, I think we can still empower victims. And I think we can start by making books like this more known and more widely recommended. Please share this post if you agree with me and comment on any other books you admire on this topic in the comments section.


I am just going to get straight to the point. I am not a fan of our current medical system, but I am a fan of Medical Medium, Anthony William, and his series of books, which are listed below in reverse chronological order.

What I love most is that William’s recommendations are accessible to all. For example, you don’t need an insurance card to purchase a package of celery. So why wouldn’t an ill person want to try some of his approaches, if not first, then at least at the same time as other approaches?

Way too many people in our world are suffering from serious health problems. The politicians cannot fix this mess. The corporations cannot fix this mess. And the medical industry cannot fix this mess. None of them are motivated to fix our health care crisis, and I don’t think the current system is fixable, even if the people in power wanted to try.

We need a health revolution of individuals championing our own health. This is our fastest road to improved health that raises all boats. William provides the information ill people need in order to embark on a road to recovery. And that road needs to be full of trial and error by individuals, not skepticism and rebukes from nay-sayers.

I have been drinking one cup of celery juice for about a month now (not even the full recommended amount), and I have experienced noticeable effects. I have more energy, I think more clearly, my long-term seasonal allergies never happened this spring, my skin is transformed, and here’s the weirdest but best effect of them all — my eyes feel incredible. Maybe it’s partially the lack of allergies, but my eyes are so hydrated and lubricated that I feel like I have new eyes.

Typically, I have both low blood sugar and low blood pressure. Both had recently been causing me problems, especially light-headedness. After one month of daily celery juice, I no longer get dizzy when I stand up quickly. In fact, I have more physical energy and stamina than I have had in years.

I am going to increase to two cups of celery juice a day in June and see how it goes. If you are concerned about encountering too strong of a detox effect from drinking celery juice, then I suggest you do what I have done and start with one cup a day initially and then increase to two cups a day eventually.

But you may want to hurry. We will likely encounter a short-term celery shortage as more and more folks discover the multiple benefits of drinking celery juice, so I hope that some enterprising farmers will anticipate the greater demands and hop on the celery-growing bandwagon.

Since making this post, I have been asked which juicer I use. I went with a budget juicer for about a hundred bucks to get started. Here’s a link to the juicer I am using — it’s a masticating juicer that is easy to clean and makes great juice! https://amzn.to/2VH6xRd.

In the meantime, I leave you to the wisdom of Anthony William. He has a lot to offer, and I hope you will check out his work, especially if you are not feeling your best.


You know what keeps me going some days when the media circus just feels like too much?

My feminist coffee mugs, that’s what.

There are a lot of things and people who have kept me going over the years when events in the world seemed positively bleak. And one of those people is Marianne Williamson. Are you familiar with her work?

Marianne Williamson just gets it, when it comes to being a woman in America, and I am thrilled that she is running for President as the Democratic Candidate. (I actually like several of the Democratic candidates, so stay tuned for more on that.)

We need strong, smart, emotionally intelligent women leaders in the United States — and Marianne Williamson is such a woman.

So, I thought I would gather up a bunch of Marianne Williamson books that I highly recommend. You can usually read them or listen to them. Take a look if you are so inclined!

A must-read for every woman:

Where it all started:

For those who suffer from anxiety or depression:

I want to listen to this (but I want to listen to every audio, so…):

We all need to read this:

This one is coming out in April!


Shopping Recommendations For Holiday Time Or Any Time Of Year

Here’s some soulful shopping recommendations for a happier, simpler holiday.

The Christmas Tree Stand That Will Save Your Marriage

My Jewish husband always enjoys having a Christmas tree but he used to hate getting the darn thing into its stand. With this amazing Christmas Tree Stand from Krinner, we bicker no more about standing up the tree. I swear this tree stand will make your holiday jollier, starting the day you decorate for the holidays. Click on the image to learn more.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap

Shop fall lineup

I have the best luck with the seasonal scents at Target. But you usually need to buy early because the seasonal products clear out quickly. Here’s the link to the hand soap Amazon page and the Mrs. Meyer’s website. I love the Orange Clove, Peppermint and Iowa Pine scents for the holidays. Other favorite scents include Rhubarb, Basil, Apple, Radish, Parsley, Lilac, Apple Cider and Pumpkin. Here are all of the holiday scents!

Trader Joe’s Holiday Groceries

Because we have a small family, Trader Joe’s is the perfect place to shop for groceries. I find the everyday prices are cheaper on most things than my local grocery store, I trust the quality, and Trader Joe’s donates food to families in need. Products I love this time of year include the Racine Danish Kringle Almond Kringle, which they sell for $7.99 (compare the Almond Kringle to the usual price online of $20.95!). TJ’s Sipping Chocolate makes a great teacher or hostess gift. And we usually purchase our Gingerbread House at Trader Joe’s each year. Year-round favorites of mine include the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, heck, anything on the shelves that is covered in dark chocolate works for me! We make good use of their frozen fruit year round for a nice variety of smoothies. I also love their cracker selection, Nacho Tortilla Chips, and selection of nuts, dried fruits, and granola bars. Find the Trader Joe’s nearest you by visiting their website. Be sure to check out the prices on their spices and pet food, which can save you tons of money. I love you Trader Joe’s, but please bring back the blue cheese pecan dip!

World Market Rocks!

Like Trader Joe’s, another place I love to shop that has a global flavor is World Market. If you are looking for fun stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong at this store. They always send me a birthday coupon, which makes me like them even more. Sign up for their rewards program, so you can benefit from discounts and coupons.

Take Excellent Care Of Your Pets

Go ahead and get that puppy or kitten for a holiday gift, I say. Better yet, get pets in twos. This is especially helpful if you are away from home much of the day, so they can keep each other company. I have six pets (two dogs and four cats), who give my family lots of love all year-long, and I want to take excellent care of them without spending a fortune. A lot of times we talk about toys and treats for pets, but I find that keeping these things to a minimum extends the life of my pets. What I focus on instead is the highest quality food we can afford and whatever supplements they need to stay healthy at their age. I take quality supplements to stay healthy, so it’s no surprise that they help my pets, too. When our cat Maggie recently came down with urinary tract issues at the ripe old age of three, we eventually switched her food to Uretic from Wysong. I combine this food, with wet food with extra water and with two other products — Tinkle Tonic and Natura Petz Organics Break It Up Meal Topper (follow instructions for all) and the healing has been dramatic. Improvement didn’t happen overnight for Maggie, but it has happened slowly and steadily over time. If you have a cat with urinary tract challenges and no other serious health issues, I suggest trying this routine for a couple of months. We feed our pets without health issues Canidae foods and have been using them for many years. Choose the variety that best suits each pet’s age and needs. Our dogs love Nupro Joint Support. We mix this powder with water and their dry food and they love the flavor. They are noticeably more spry while taking this supplement, so I highly recommend it. Nupro comes in a variety of sizes, please follow instructions for best results. We usually purchase wet food and treats at Trader Joe’s because I trust them and they save money.

Supplements For A Healthy New Year

HealthForce SuperFoods Products

I have written fairly extensively about my choice of supplements over the past few years. If you are looking for general good or improved health, I recommend Healthforce supplements. If you are dealing with issues related to being female, I recommend Vitanica (see the post I wrote for further information and recommendations).

Purchase Magazine Subscriptions In November

For me, sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine with a cup of tea or coffee is the ultimate self-indulgence. This is the second year I have gotten a year’s worth of magazines at a ridiculously low price. I shop Discount Mags between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The first year I did Cyber Monday and got 10 magazine subscriptions for $30, and this year I hand-picked discounted titles and got exactly what I wanted for the year at a good price. Highly recommend this way of purchasing magazines. It has saved me hundreds of dollars and provided tons of good collage journal fodder.

Audible Is My Gift To Myself This Year

People can be snobby about reading, but guess what? It does not matter how you do it. So do it your way, if you prefer listening while you drive, garden or do chores. I am not a sedentary person. So when I am not writing at the computer, I prefer to be in motion. And I am certainly not going to apologize for that! Audible is my gift to myself this year. And you know what? I deserve it. Join me and either get a month free or take advantage of holiday discount offers! The first book I am going to read is Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Becoming is the perfect word to describe the last few years for me. I love the person I am becoming and I can’t wait to hear what Michelle Obama has to say on the topic.

Life Is Too Short To Eat Bad Bagels


Here’s my final shopping tip. If you love bagels as much as my family does, take advantage of Monday Half-price bagels at Einstein’s Bros. Bagels. I am about to scoot up there right now to get our weekly bagel order. They will slice them for you and give you freezer bags to store them. They taste just as fresh as the day they were made when you toast them. I purchase smoked salmon from Costco (they carry a variety) and Cream Cheese from Trader Joe’s to go with them. Because life is too short to eat even one bad bagel. That’s my shopping motto. What’s yours?

When I have something to say, this blog is the place where I give myself permission to say it. I help folks become more creative for personal enjoyment, professional development and transformational growth. I am a veteran journalist, author and coach with over a decade and a half of experience and a wealth of techniques to share. Whether you are a professional creative or hope to become one some day, I can help you embrace your personal strengths, explore your creative possibilities, and evolve incrementally into your most inspiring self. To learn more about increasing your creative confidence, please check out my online school. Stay tuned for my next new course by subscribing to The Prosperous Creative. And don’t forget to get these blog posts delivered to your inbox, so you never miss a post. I am always adding new items to my Etsy shop. I hope you will swing by, take a look and favorite my shop!


Edie M. is the winner of the Halloween Garland from my Etsy Shop! Congrats, Edie!
I just got two things for free in a row today and they both made me so happy!

So now I am inspired to give away something from my Etsy shop for free.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

I will ship one of my Orange Halloween Chinese Lantern Garlands to one lucky winner.

All you have to do to enter is email me about why you love to use natural decor in your home. Comments to this post will be closed. Instead, email me at least three full sentences on this topic, and you will be entered to win the random number drawing on Monday.

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

New customers to my Etsy shop are welcome to play. All I ask is that you pop over to my shop and check out the orange garland I am giving away before you enter.

Returning customers to my Etsy shop are also welcome to play. I also ask you to check out the orange garland I am giving away before you enter.

You have until Monday, October 22, 2018 at noon to play along. On Monday at noon PST, I will use a random number generator to select a winner and ship the garland to them free of charge!

I will only ship to the contiguous US. But if you live elsewhere, you are welcome to play along and ship the garland to a friend who resides in the US as a gift.

We cool? Sound fun? I am psyched. Paying it forward always feels good.

Let’s do this! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Remember, don’t comment, don’t message me on social media — it has to be an email with three whole sentences about why you love to use natural decor in your home.

And if you don’t love to use natural decor, feel free to share this post with a friend who does.

Thanks in advance for your support and happy weekend!

When I have something to say, this blog is the place where I give myself permission to say it. I help folks become more creative for personal enjoyment, professional development and transformational growth. I am a veteran journalist, author and coach with over a decade and a half of experience and a wealth of techniques to share. Whether you are a professional creative or hope to become one some day, I can help you embrace your personal strengths, explore your creative possibilities, and evolve incrementally into your most inspiring self. To learn more about increasing your creative confidence, please check out my online school. Stay tuned for my next new course by subscribing to The Prosperous Creative. And don’t forget to get these blog posts delivered to your inbox, so you never miss a post. I am always adding new items to my Etsy shop. I hope you will swing by, take a look and favorite my shop!