Write for love AND money. That's my motto. Christina KatzOver the years, I have taught hundreds of writers, I have written thousands of words, and I have encouraged and inspired thousands of people, not all of them writers.

I can tell you what the worst days felt like and what the best days felt like.

The worst days were the days that I was fixated on the results of my efforts and trying to control those results.

And on the best days I was simply immersed in the joy of doing what I love and expressing who I am.

I have noticed that the results are always better on the days I am immersed in joy than on the days I am obsessed with trying to control the outcome.

If you are a writer and you want the key to professional happiness and professional satisfaction, look no further.

Give yourself an attitude adjustment, develop your skills, and focus on the next most important step for you.

That’s your job.

The secret sauce of a joyful writing career is being the best you can be, spreading that good stuff to others, and ignoring all the things that are not your job.

If you want to be happy in your writing career for just one day: put your cynicism down, turn off your mind, and just take the next step.

Dive into your latest current project and give it everything you’ve got.

Time will fly, stress will evaporate, results will accumulate, and the next thing you know magic will have happened.

You will have moved your writing career forward and enjoyed the process.

In this distracted, neurotic, cynical day and age THAT is a miracle every time it happens.

Every single writer I currently work with knows how to do this. They know how to focus, they know how to let go of the outcome, and they know how to enjoy the process of getting work done.

Do they forget sometimes that it’s supposed to be enjoyable?

Sure. Of course. Life is not going to just politely pause for you every time you snap your fingers.

But the more you tread the calm, sane path to success, the more clear the path becomes.

My students succeed at taming life so that it allows them to do what they love, too. There is no either-or.

Either-or is not necessary. Swap that “or” out for an “and.”

They succeed consistently. They break their own records. They keep calmly pushing themselves to accomplish the next goal.

I do the same things I teach my students day after day, week after week, month after month. I am not immune even though I have been doing this work for fifteen years.

So, if you want to write, embrace the process, be process-oriented, and enjoy the process.

There may be some disappointments along the way — since we can’t control outcomes — but as with everything else, suffering is optional.

If you love writing and you love your career, they will both love you back.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work!


It’s selling, of course.

If I had to guesstimate, I would say 90% of writers don’t merely dislike selling, they hate it.

Often writers loathe selling simply because it’s unfamiliar.

Selling is so…capricious. So mysterious. So darned hard to get a handle on that it’s easier to just reject selling out of hand in order to ally ourselves with the more lofty aspects of writing like creativity, inspiration, and artfulness.

Ah, we like those words.

Yeah, we want more of that and less of that stuff that gets our hands dirty, like that disgusting salesy stuff.



Get it away from us.

We are way too good for selling. How dare you even associate us with that word.


Okay, okay, that’s enough. It’s time to get over your resistance to selling, writers.

You may think it sets you apart, but you know what? It doesn’t. Your resistance to selling is all too common.

So if you don’t want to be just another dime-a-dozen writer who gets all up in her ego about selling, take my 20-day Sell Your Writing freelance challenge.

You might even decide to step down off your selling high-horse and join the rest of us, who prosper by selling our words.

And if you are not on your high-horse about selling, great!

It will be that much easier to train you to be enthusiastic to get your words into print without any reluctance.

And for those of you who already sell, could you stand to sell even more? Then you should probably join us, too.

Selling is easy — it’s even fun — once you get out of your own way.

This brand new challenge begins Wednesday, October 1st and runs for 20 days.

I hope you can join us!

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My StudentsRock!(1)Two of my students are launching e-books this week and they are rock stars.

But they are rock stars who serve the world; not rock stars who expect the world to fawn all over them.

Today, real rock stars don’t just write music, play music, and tour the world playing in giant stadiums.

Real rock stars can do anything. They don’t merely only sing and perform. They are also authors.

Real rock stars care. They want to give back. They want to make the world a better place.

Rock stars create works that serve the world.

Christa Melnyk Hines

Do you know Christa Melnyk Hines? You should!

And when you create works that serve the world, the outcome is already destined for success. That’s how you become a rock star author.

As long as the world needs your type of service, you are going to be a busy rock star all day, every day for as long as you want to be busy.

This is called writing what the world needs.

If you want to write anything, not just a book, but anything, you need to think about what the world wants and needs and write that.

You may think, “I know what I want to write but I am not sure that the world wants it or needs it.”

Lara Krupicka author of Family Bucket Lists

Do you know Lara Krupicka? You should!

You might be right, but then again, you have to consider how to present your ideas and which audience you will target.

And remember, the world does not need old, worn-out ideas from twenty or thirty years ago.

No. Why would we? We have evolved so much in the past three decades.

We need your freshest and most helpful ideas. And we need them now.

Why in the world would you write anything else?

We have evolved. So authors need to write books for evolved minds.

Then make those books timeless and you will stay busy for a very long time.

Want to meet a couple of rock stars? I would love to introduce you to two people who do very important work in the world.

The first person is Christa Melnyk Hines and you can learn more about her at her website, ChristaMelnykHines.com.

The second person is Lara Krupicka and you can learn more about her at her website, LaraKrupicka.com.


Samantha's face at the Katy Perry concert

This is the kind of face you don’t ever want to forget.

Today, I am excited to announce that Lara Krupicka is launching her new book, Bucket List Living For Moms, Become A More Adventurous Parent. LINK

Like me, you may be a bit of a bucket list skeptic. You may think, as I did, “Yes, bucket lists are nice and fun and all that, but I certainly don’t think that having a bucket list is going to change my life or anything like that.”

Then I started working with Lara Krupicka on her first bucket list living book, Family Bucket Lists, Bring More Fun, Adventure & Camaraderie Into Every Day. LINK

Lara has a good head on her shoulders and her heart is in the right place. Her books are not about spending your day on Pinterest competing with other moms to create the best Pinterest boards. These books are about examining the contents of your own heart and articulating what you find there — first to yourself and then to others in your family.

After Lara launched her first book on family buckets lists, I sat down with my own family, and put us all through the simple Q & A process that Lara created. In less than an hour, we created three colorful lists of all the things we longed to do, to see, to be, as well as a list of folks we wanted to meet.

I immediately gained a whole new appreciation of my husband and daughter as soon as I could see the world through the lens of their hopes and dreams.

Family Bucket Lists by Lara KrupickaHere we were, three people in one family, and you would think that we were oh, so much alike. But in reality, this family and any family is composed of unique individuals. And our individuality came shining through in each of our lists.

The story could end there. We could have used the book and gained appreciation for each other and then moved on. But nope. We decided to post our lists on the fridge. Then this summer, an opportunity came up for Samantha and I to realize one of the goals that was on both our lists — attending a Katy Perry concert.

The concert was Friday, and we got to spend the whole summer looking forward to the event and getting excited about going together. A bunch of my daughters’ friends from school and dance were at the concert with each other, but Samantha did not seem to mind going with her old mom at all.

The concert was unforgettable. I will never forget the incredible amount of creativity that Katy Perry exploded out into that stadium. I will never forget the way she was an electronic fountain of positivity and color and grace and humility and girlpower.

Attending the Katy Perry concert with my daughter was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. And I owe it all to working with the tools provided by Lara Krupicka for bucket list living.

You might think, bucket list living is no big deal. That’s it’s just a trend, a fad, a passing media fancy.

BucketListCoverWebBut you know what, you might be, as I was, underestimating the way the bucket list living might change your life for the better.

You might be missing out on ways to connect with the most important people in your life through the hopes and dreams that make them unique.

I will never forget seeing my daughter’s face at her very first concert. I will never forget rocking out with her to the opening song, to the songs in the middle, and to the finalé.

And I hope, when it comes to your personal and family bucket list dreams, you will too.

Head on over to Lara Krupicka’s website this week to register for a chance to win a Kindle, both of her books and a slew of other prizes.

Or better yet, buy both of her books right now, and start using her bucket list living exercises for yourself and for your family as soon as you can.

Learn more about Lara and all of her awesome offerings and resources at LaraKrupicka.com.

And definitely check out the Katy Perry concert if you get the chance!


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