Photo by Jordan McQueen.

Photo by Jordan McQueen.

June 1st by 9 pm PT is the very last day to sign up for my writing and creativity challenges in their current form.

I have loved creating and offering these challenges. Even though they have each been a lot of work, they were all labors of love.

Thank you to everyone who plans to participate this final round or who has participated in any of the rounds since they started in January 2013.

It’s definitely the end of a fun, educational era. If you think so too, I hope you will sign up for any rounds you have missed or even retake your favorite round again, since this is last call.

If you subscribe to my e-zine then you already know that I am concentrating the lion’s share of my energy into creating video classes going forward.

This does not mean video classes are the only way to work with me. But cutting back on other offerings helps me focus on being as productive as possible. Creating high quality video courses is a ton of work.

After this last round of challenges begin on June 2nd, there will still be several ways to work with me in addition to video courses. Here’s the list:

  • You can receive my monthly e-zine, The Prosperous Writer (this is free and you get a free inspirational writing poster for subscribing).
  • You can subscribe to my monthly Writing Accountability Dream Team, which arrives in your inbox on the first Tuesday of each month (this only costs $10 a month).
  • You can register for one-time or ongoing phone consultations with me (just visit my registration page).

I’ve posted some of the response to my challenges below, and I want to encourage you to take one before they are gone for good.

Learn more by clicking on each badge and sign up by 9 pm PT on Monday, June 1st.

Hope to work with you!

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Unwrap Your Creative Gifts Challenge With Christina Katz

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Anyone who is looking to become a more facile and joyful parenting article writer should take my Article Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Freelance Article Writing Challenge For Parenting Writers

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful and skillful parenting essay writer should take my Essay Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Essay Writing Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful re-writer and polisher of her own words should take my Grammar & Punctuation Challenge.

Christina Katz Grammar & Punctuation Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become more brave about selling work should sign up for my Sell Your Writing Challenge.

SellYourWritingChallenge copy

The Article Challenge is a great way to help develop daily brainstorming routine. It also helped me to get going with outlining ideas so they can be fleshed out later.  ~ S. Yale

Christina’s Unwrap Your Creative Gifts Challenge jolted me out of the doldrums in terms of my writing and inspired me to start moving in new directions.  ~ E. Giles

Taking this article writing challenge has given me a bank of article outlines to begin the new year and a way to keep on creating more and more when I get to the end of my current list. I highly recommend it for the writer dry of ideas, needing some sort of method to keep her inventory supplied, or just starting out and learning how to create ideas for herself. The best $20 I’ve spent to further my career.  ~ C. Alexander

During 21 Moments I discovered ideas for many intriguing subjects I wanted to write about that had not occurred to me prior.​ An excellent kickstarter to writing for pleasure as well as potential profit.  ~ M. Clair

Once again Christina has aimed her arrow and hit the bull’s-eye with a useful daily challenge. The Grammar & Punctuation challenge helped me efficiently revise current article drafts, keep an eye on tricky punctuation mistakes I shouldn’t be making, and hone my word choice and sentence structure. Writers can expect this challenge to be an effective continuing education tool to help them improve their overall writing.  ~ R. Franz

I like taking online writing classes or workshops, but by far I got the most writing out of 21 Moments. It really clicked with me, that a moment is just a segment of time. Since I don’t have a lot of time due to my day job and other commitments, doing the moments really fit into my schedule.  ~ J. Huspek

The Creativity Challenge is the best challenge yet! Very powerful!  ~ K. Chapple


What I like about the film Pitch Perfect is that it’s about women trying to compete in a man’s world, failing, and then ultimately changing the game inspired by one of their own.

Often we are so busy trying to conform our strategy to what’s worked in the past that we ignore the beckoning finger of the future. At the point where our potential meets the future, that’s where the really juicy growth is, because almost nothing is as compelling to human beings as first, brand new or never-attempted-before.

Here’s what we can all learn about creative empowerment from Pitch Perfect:

1. Don’t imitate. Be different. Be you. One thing Beca has going for her in the film is that she is clear what she is passionate about and she allows herself ample time to play around in that realm. It’s the time that Beca spends doing what she loves that makes her more compelling as a human being and more interesting to others.

2. Become great at what you do and share it appropriately with others. But Beca has a communication problem. She’s still hurting from her parent’s divorce and this makes her defensive and hostile. A lot of writers and authors also have communication problems, ironic as this may seem. We let ourselves play around doing what we love. We even apply ourselves to growth and improvement in our craft, but when it comes to sharing our passion, like Beca, we often falter. We either say too little, say too much, say it at the wrong time, or try to take over without being invited. The solution is to do what you love and share it at the same time. Don’t wait for a big reveal. Use your passion to pull folks in without overwhelming them as you go.

3. Offer your best work until the gatekeepers say yes. Beca is low on the power totem pole. She is a newbie freshman in a world of upperclassman entitlement. The upperclassman are not apt to be interested in what she has to offer. She has to adapt to the constraints of her situation while risking sharing her work, or her gifts will remain unknown. Finally she gets the nerve to share her mixes with Luke, the radio station manager. Low and behold, he likes what she has to offer. Her first leg up is not the big time. It’s just a little opportunity to play music at night over spring break. But it’s a chance for Beca to practice being heard (and do some soul-searching while she’s at it). Practice is good. It gives us a chance to reflect on how we are doing and what we really want.

4. Don’t only be about winning. Be about bringing out the best in others and taking things to a whole new level. The combination of honest self-expression combined with genuine humility is basically irresistible. Beca finds her balance when she apologizes to the Bella’s after sabotaging their set at semi-finals. It’s at this moment that the power dynamic of the group shifts. When Beca embraces her humanity, doors that were formally closed fly open. She can use her gifts to try to lead the Bella’s to victory.

5. Bring your A game and crush it. Whether you are competing directly with others or not, you are always competing with yourself. If you just do the same old set over and over, that’s boring to you and to everyone else. But when the Bellas maximize the strengths of everyone in the group, and then push themselves to reach their full potential, they become unstoppable. This is a great metaphor for the various aspects that exist within a writer. You need to rally your team of strengths and lead them to victory by bringing your A game. Nothing less is going to be compelling enough to crush it. You’ll get along better with others when you can better manage all the various aspects of yourself.

Ultimately Pitch Perfect is a film about teamwork. It’s about how the whole is stronger than the individual. But actually, it’s Beca’s gifts, which go from partly actualized when kept to herself to fully actualized when shared with others, that ultimately leads the Bellas to victory.

I find the message in Pitch Perfect so exemplary for writers and authors. Just remember, success is an inside job, just as it was for Beca.

Why not watch or re-watch Pitch Perfect again before you go see Pitch Perfect 2 and think about how the Beca and the Bella’s example might inspire your writing career.

There are so few movies in mainstream theaters about girl power, I hope everyone reading this will support Pitch Perfect 2 when it comes out this weekend.

I’m not sure what the message will be in the second film. But I hope it’s as inspiring and relevant to these times as the message in the first movie.



We all can stand a little help bringing our best ideas down to earth. This photo, which captures this idea so well, is by Blair Fraser.

I am so excited to see how my new methods of working with writers are working.

These are methods that were once upon a time only a dream in my mind’s eye. They were just a wish I had for a more efficient and effective way of working with students. And now they have started to become a reality and I am thrilled about the results.

For example, when I hear from a person who would like to learn as much as she can from me about writer platform, I can immediately do better than that.

I can refer her to my Writer Platform Success class and not just teach her about platform hypothetically, I can help her assess what her platform has to offer, while teaching her about platform, in general, at the same time. And the cost for all of this is so minimal if she takes advantage of my exclusive discount coupon, that it makes me feel extremely proud that all my patience and hard work are working out so well after so much long and hard work.

Yes! This is awesome. She does not have to read a 200-page book on the topic if she does not wish to. We can just cut straight to the chase by having her take my class, assess her progress thus far, and then if she chooses to have a consult with me, we have concrete details about her platform at the ready to discuss.

Because the difference in working with me, as opposed to working with other instructors and coaches, is that I don’t want you to just sit there and listen. I want you to learn by doing! And I want you to learn by doing your work.

Every single thing I offer is specifically designed to help move writers move smoothly and authentically to the next appropriate professional level. This is so much more effective than spending hours and hours discussing a whole bunch of things she does not need to do right now. She will know within an hour after she completes my class what her strengths are, and I will be able to assess on our first phone call what next steps she might take. If this is not the best time for her to focus on platform, she will know by the time she completes the class. And then we can talk about what would make more sense to focus on.

Do you see how incredibly efficient this is?

I am positively gleeful to see humble indications that my video courses can save writers time, headaches, and money as they make major professional strides. Because this is all I ever wanted to accomplish.

For a demonstration of these principles in action, feel free to take my first video course Writer Platform Success. And afterwards if you feel like you need more support determining your next platform steps, sign up for a phone consult with me. And send me your work from the class before we chat, because it’s going to make all the difference in how much we can get done when time is at a premium.

I’d love to work with you! Take my short class and then let’s chat. You totally deserve as much support as you can get along the writing and platform development journey. It does not have to be every month or even every year. I’m here when you need me.


How to write for busy moms raising kids at home who want to make money writing.

I will always have a very fond place in my heart for this book, which still receives rave reviews even eight years after publication!

Oh my, I have been creating excellent quality products for mom writers for many moons.

I thought I would round the best of them up here for Mother’s Day because it’s that time of year to say, “I deserve it!”

And you do, moms, you really do. Why not spoil yourself this Mother’s Day and then spoil yourself a little more.

And the best part is, my books and products help you become a more empowered professional, so you can write them off on your taxes if you are already a freelancer.

Now that’s win-win-win. Happy Mother’s Day!


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Enjoy every day, moms. And especially Mother’s Day!


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