IMG_8255Creativity is a noun.

It means the state or quality of being creative.

It also means the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.

Am I the only one who gets all gigged up just thinking about creativity?

Similar words include originality, progressiveness, and imagination.

Creativity means the process by which one utilizes creative ability.

Create is a verb.

It means to cause to come into being.

To evolve from one’s own thought or imagination.

To perform, to make by investing with new rank, to be the cause, to give rise to.

To cause to happen, to bring about, to arrange as by intention or design.

For fourteen years, I have been helping writers become more creative.

Obviously, I have had to become more creative myself in order to teach others.

This year, I am taking my creativity to a whole new level.

It’s a little bit daunting, to be honest.

I am branching off in directions that I would not have previously attempted.

I am throwing away the net.

There is going to be a lot of trial and error.

There already has been plenty.

But I am loving the journey.

I am learning a ton. And I am loving the way my new Creativity Challenge, Unlock Your Creative Gifts, has been inspiring me.

So far, here’s how the creative adventure works.

You put creativity in. And you get creativity out.

Creativity in. Creativity out.

Join me. It works. And it’s really fun and enriching.


Unwrap Your Creative Gifts Challenge With Christina KatzIf you have never taken a challenge with me, consider signing up for the new round that begins on Monday.

If you have enjoyed taking writing and freelance challenges with me in the past, you should take another. Because you deserve it!

If you like to receive daily prompts of any kind, you should try my challenges, because they are thought-provoking and creatively inspiring.

In fact, I can give you ten reasons why you should take a challenge. Here goes:

1. You are more than the external goals you set. Who helps you take care of your creative growth and development? This is something I do for folks who embrace a sense of their ever-evolving potential.

2. You are more than your to-do list. Life is never going to stop being busy. Don’t keep waiting for things to slow down, because they won’t. Just jump in and do a challenge because they all fit in a busy schedule.

3.  Your creative potential is huge. You may not be surrounded in life by folks who consistently affirm this. Well, good news. I see your potential and I would love to see you express more of it.

4. You have real-life responsibilities. I know you do. So do I. So does everyone! We are not going to let the fact that we are grown ups prevent us from continuing to expand creatively.

5. You have down-time every day. And if you don’t, you should probably take a bit here and there. Taking a challenge with me for personal and professional growth can help.

6. Your heart and soul love creativity. If your life is feeling stale, flat, and unprofitable, then it’s time to excite your heart and soul with creative growth.

7. Winter is an exceptionally creative time of the year. I adore winter. The short days and long nights inspire me to be more thoughtful and introspective and I encourage you to let them do the same for you.

8. Personal growth is empowering. If you are feeling frustrated or stuck in any areas of your life, taking on personal growth challenges in the New Year can really lead to more happiness and personal satisfaction.

9. You can experience growth in a short time. I hear it again and again from people who take these challenges seriously. Professionals experience immediate boosts of inspiration and productivity. Why not you?

10. You don’t need a lot of money to express yourself more. I created my challenges with low price tags so more people could benefit from working with me. Take advantage of my challenges while they are here because my offerings are always in flux!

Here are the challenges that begin on Monday. You must register by Sunday, January 4th at 9pm (that’s tomorrow!) to participate in the first round of 2015.

Then please keep in mind that a new round begins the first Monday of each month.

And don’t miss my brand new challenge, Unwrap Your Creative Gifts. My daily creativity challenge designed to awaken your creative confidence. Click on the badge to register today:

Unwrap Your Creative Gifts Challenge With Christina Katz

Receive 21 excellent examples of great writing in your inbox daily for 21 days. Click on the badge to learn more and register:

 Receive 21 more excellent examples of great writing in your inbox daily for 21 days:

 Receive 21 more excellent examples of great writing in your inbox daily for 21 days:

Anyone who is looking to become a more facile and joyful parenting article writer should take my Article Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Freelance Article Writing Challenge For Parenting Writers

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful and skillful parenting essay writer should take my Essay Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Essay Writing Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful rewriter and polisher of her own words should take my Grammar & Punctuation Challenge.

Christina Katz Grammar & Punctuation Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become more brave about selling work should sign up for my Sell Your Writing Challenge.

SellYourWritingChallenge copy

Taking this article writing challenge has given me a bank of article outlines to begin the new year and a way to keep on creating more and more when I get to the end of my current list. I highly recommend it for the writer dry of ideas, needing some sort of method to keep her inventory supplied, or just starting out and learning how to create ideas for herself. The best $20 I’ve spent to further my career.  ~ C. Alexander

During 21 Moments I discovered ideas for many intriguing subjects I wanted to write about that had not occurred to me prior.​ An excellent kickstarter to writing for pleasure as well as potential profit.  ~ M. Clair

Once again Christina has aimed her arrow and hit the bull’s-eye with a useful daily challenge. The Grammar & Punctuation challenge helped me efficiently revise current article drafts, keep an eye on tricky punctuation mistakes I shouldn’t be making, and hone my word choice and sentence structure. Writers can expect this challenge to be an effective continuing education tool to help them improve their overall writing.  ~ R. Franz

I like taking online writing classes or workshops, but by far I got the most writing out of 21 Moments. It really clicked with me, that a moment is just a segment of time. Since I don’t have a lot of time due to my day job and other commitments, doing the moments really fit into my schedule.  ~ J. Huspek

And guess who is going to benefit? You are!

To celebrate I am offering you my Writer Platform Success course for only $10.

You read that right. This course is normally worth $49 and it is available today for only ten bucks.

I am extending Udemy’s offer to all week, because I know how busy my readers are, especially on a holiday weekend.

And there is even more good news. Check this out.

I am putting the finishing touches on my second Udemy course, which is something totally different for writers, and I know you are going to love it. And once I’m done with my second course, I am going to go back in and upgrade my platform course and raise the price.

This was my plan all along because I have gotten a crash course in using new-to-me technology that allows me to make my Udemy courses better. (Go, me!)

And that’s when I realized that I should share all of this news with you because you can still benefit from the future updates even if you only pay $10 today.

And if you are already registered for the course, you are going to benefit from all of my new updates as well as from any future updates. (Go, you!)

So I want to make sure everyone is aware that as of today you can have a lifetime subscription to my Writer Platform Success course for only ten bucks!

Take advantage of this because this class is something that will assist you with your platform update every year for the rest of your career! Please tell everyone you know.

To get my week-long offer, you HAVE to use this coupon right here, which is good until midnight January 7th:Writer Platform Success By Christina Katz On

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And stay tuned for my new class. I’ve been working on it for over a month and it’s going to be amazing! I have had so much fun creating it. (Even though this old dog had to learn some new tricks!)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope I can help you actualize your full platform potential in 2015 and every year hereafter.

Hear what satisfied students have to say:

I was lucky enough to sell my debut novel, The Rabbits of Ravensbruck, to Random House this year and walked around in a daze before I realized I’d better start working on a writer platform. I have a great agent and an amazing editor, but didn’t feel I could take their time to discuss my personal platform at length. The book is a historical fiction based on a little-known true story so I had lots of great research and info to offer but no idea where to start platform-wise. From our first phone session, Christina totally understood what I needed and once I completed her Udemy 24 Platform Questions class she got me perfectly focused on what I need to do. The 24 questions not only helped me realize the areas I needed to work on, the answers helped her guide me to a great game plan as well. I feel like Christina has my back and I’ll be so much more confident and prepared once the book launches! ~ Martha Hall Kelly, author of the forthcoming novel, The Rabbits of Ravensbruck

Christina Katz does not make junk. I’ve taken several of her classes and they are always top-notch. She demands performance from her students and because she lavishes you with encouragement, her students are always willing to perform.

Writer Platform Success will walk you through the steps of gathering all of your published work, awards, speaking engagements, credentials, and more into one place so that you can see trends, interests and strengths that you can capitalize on. I am currently taking this course for the second time, and will continue to review it every year. ~ Carol Alexander, author of Homestead Cooking With Carol, Bountiful Make-ahead Meals

This article is from my e-zine, The Prosperous Writer. Feel free to subscribe in the sidebar, which also makes you eligible to take inspiring, inexpensive writing, freelancing, and creativity challenges with me in 2015.

12199759823_39b8433151_qYou will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

~ Winston Churchill

Up and at ‘em! Get up earlier (or go to bed later).

Exponential productivity. Consider your most productive time of day and work then.

Keep it simple. Don’t make a big “Look-What-I’m-Doing!” festival out of your work. Just feel good about getting your work done each day.

Stay grounded. Share your satisfaction with getting your work done in a low-key way with people who care and cheer you on.

Choose support wisely. Talk to supportive people about your writing success, but don’t mention it to people who have historically proven incapable of cheering you on towards your creative goals.

Steer clear of “Crazy-makers.” Short definition: folks who interfere with you getting your work done. Stay away from them for 30 days and see what happens. 

Be as social or anti-social as you like. Don’t bow to peer pressure. Trust your gut to decide how little or much to work each day. You can make the decision daily to suit your comfort level and needs.

Balance your act. Recognize that big writing goals require communication of your intentions and needs, while still requiring you to be mindful of others’ goals and needs. It’s all a big balancing act — so pace yourself.

Check it off. Have a method for noting what you’ve drafted that feels festive to you. (Gold stars, anyone?)

Carry it over. Once you discover you can get and sustain writing momentum, stay as productive and engaged as you can throughout the rest of the year.

Consider this a writing workout. Think about the marathoner. How does he get and stay in shape? It’s all about the daily workouts. So is this.

Enjoy the writing ride. Walk away from your daily work with a clearer understanding of what makes your creativity hum. Keep making adjustment until you are as productive as you can be.

Whatever you are writing, your creative capacities are worth their weight in gold. Happy writing productivity, writers!

~ Photo By Pete Markham

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