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31 Small Holiday Gifts For Writers

I’ve already shared my “Think Big!” holiday ideas for writers this year, so now let’s shift gears and think small.

Here are some of the holiday indulgences I wish for you…

1. Mrs. Meyers Iowa Pine Hand Soap LINK

2. A subscription to your favorite magazines (this site offers great discounts)

3. An inspirational poster for your home office

4. An Eggnog Latté from Starbucks—extra hot!

5. Picture frames or shadow boxes from the craft supply store to display your book or e-book covers

6. A set of your favorite writing pens in a rainbow of colors

7. A stack of colorful index cards for jotting down all you good ideas

8. A book to address exactly the skill you need to master next year (how about Writer Mama?)

9. Fun new business cards for networking LINK

10. A Writer Mama mug LINK

11. A set of thank you cards with your initials LINK

12. An IKEA catalog LINK

13. A new book by one of your favorite authors

14. 50 questions for self-reflection

15. A brand new sketch book, notepad or journal LINK

16. A collection of reminders to put yourself first

17. A pretty paperweight that reminds you of your worth

18. A fun children’s book for you

19. Large clear jars to hold all your idea notecards

20. A writer mama cap LINK

21. White sage to burn in your office to banish bad mojo

22. Fuzzy socks

23. A new calendar for next year (Here’s the one I get every year)

24. Sturdy slippers

25. An iTunes card to spend on music or apps you crave

26. A set of cute hooks on which to hang things that dangle

27. A cozy bathrobe

28. An ebook reader LINK

29. Assorted organic teas LINK

30. A gaggle of holiday movies

31. A cupcake celebration for all that you accomplished this year! (or a virtual one)

~ Photo by bettylynne

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  • Christa December 19, 2012, 2:00 pm

    Great list, Christina! I feel inspired just reading it. P.S. I’m glad I’m not the only one who burns white sage now and then to purify a space! 😉

  • Sue LeBreton December 20, 2012, 7:59 am

    I have put the Julia Cameron & the Anne Lamott books on my list. Thanks as always for sharing such wonderful ideas.